The Nisos Yacht Charter sailing base is located at the quay in Perigiali, on the east coast of Lefkas Island (often referred to as Lefkada). There is a small road bridge connecting Lefkas Island to the Greek mainland. Please note, in early May and late October we may be operate out of Nidri from the town quay. Our nearest airport is Preveza airport (also known as Aktion, airport code PVK), which is 35/40 minutes by taxi from our base.

Nisos Base, Perigiali, Lefkas

Flights to Preveza from the UK

The nearest airport to our yacht base on Lefkas Island is Preveza Airport.


At present the following flights to and from Preveza from the UK can be booked now:

Flights to Preveza (PVK) 2018


Departure Day Operator Flight number Departure time Arrival time (PVK) Where to Book?
Gatwick Wednesday Tui Airlines D89548 13:45 19:00
Gatwick Thursday Charter S5241 05:35 10:45
Gatwick Friday Easy Jet EZY8369 06:05 11:25
Gatwick Wed Easy Jet EZY8369 06:05 11:25
Gatwick Sunday Tui Airlines BY4782 13:10 18:25
Gatwick Sunday Easy Jet EZY8369 07:45 13:00
Gatwick Sunday Easy Jet EZY8371 15:55 21:15
Gatwick Sunday Thomas Cook MT1620 09:10 14:20
Gatwick Sunday Charter S5579 05:45 10:55
Heathrow Sunday BA Charter BA8626 09:45 15:15
Manchester Wednesday Easy Jet EZY1993 15:50 21:20
Manchester Thursday Charter FP0713 09:00 14:20
Manchester Sunday Tui Airlines BY2758 13:25 19:00
Manchester Sunday Easy Jet EZY1993 16:25 21:55
Manchester Saturday Thomas Cook MT1074 05:50 11:25
Manchester Sunday Thomas Cook MT1256 14:05 19:35
Bristol Sunday Thomas Cook MT1836 14:50 20:00


Flights from Preveza (PVK) 2018

Destination Day Operator Flight number Departure time (PVK) Arrival time Where to Book?
Gatwick Wednesday Tui Airlines D89549 20:00 21:35
Gatwick Thursday Charter S5242 11:35 13:00
Gatwick Friday Easy Jet EZY8370 12:05 13:30
Gatwick Wed Easy Jet EZY8370 12:05 13:30
Gatwick Sunday Tui Airlines BY4783 19:25 20:45
Gatwick Sunday Easy Jet EZY8372 22:00 23:25
Gatwick Sunday Easy Jet EZY8370 13:40 15:05
Gatwick Sunday Thomas Cook MT1621 15:20 16:35
Gatwick Sunday Charter S5580 11:45 13:10
Heathrow Sunday BA Charter BA8627 16:25 17:50
Manchester Wednesday Easy Jet EZY1994 22:00 23:35
Manchester Thursday Charter FP0714 15:10 16:35
Manchester Sunday Tui Airlines BY2759 20:00 21:35
Manchester Sunday Easy Jet EZY1994 22:35 00:10
Manchester Saturday Thomas Cook MT1075 12:25 14:10
Manchester Sunday Thomas Cook MT1257 20:35 22:10
Bristol Sunday Thomas Cook MT1837 21:00 22:15


Let us do the leg work for you - simply let us know dates of travel, numbers and ideal departure point and we will find you the best flights.


Some flights include baggage, some don't so be sure to know what is included when booking.

Early booking of flights is essential.

In an ideal world you should aim to catch one of the morning flights from the UK arriving into Preveza around lunchtime/early afternoon.  This way we can ensure we get you onboard your yacht and away from base on the day of arrival!


Travel to Preveza from Dublin


Currently there are no direct flights from Ireland to Preveza

The best way is to catch a Ryan Air flight from Dublin to Gatwick on the Saturday evening and stay over for one night at Gatwick.  Then catch one of the Sunday morning flights to Preveza direct from Gatwick (Easy Jet, Thomas Cook, Charter Flights).

On the return, the trip can be done in one day, arriving back in Ireland on the Sunday early evening.


Flights to Preveza from Athens

Aegean Airlines run a domestic service between Athens and Preveza.  Services commence 2nd June and end in mid October.

Flights are on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Visit for booking and prices.


Flights to Preveza from Holland

Flights are available from Holland on Saturdays. If you arrive on Saturday then you can stay in a local hotel and board the boat on the Sunday. For flights try the following company:

Transavia :

Driving from Italy

There are regular ferries from Bari, Venice and Ancona to Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland. From Igoumenitsa it is a 1.5 hour drive to Perigali. We have ample free parking at the quay (cars left at owners own risk). See for ferry times.

Other methods of travel from Athens

There are several coaches per day to/from Athens, and the journey time is about five hours. In Athens you take the bus from Kiffisus Bus Station. A taxi between Kiffisus Bus Station and Athens airport costs about 35 Euros and takes 40 minutes (depending on traffic).
There is a new public bus service between the airport and Kiffisus bus station. The route number is 93. It departs from outside arrivals at the airport, every hour. The journey takes about 1 hour and costs about 3 Euros.
The bus fare from Athens to Lefkas bus station is about 40 Euros.
The following time table is subject to change:

Bus - Lefkas to Athens (departure times)

Monday to Saturday: 07:00; 09:30; 12:30; 17:15
Sunday: 09:30; 12:30; 16:30; 17:15

Bus - Athens to Lefkas (departure times)

Monday to Saturday: 07:00; 13:00; 16:30; 20:30
Sunday: 07:00; 13:00; 16:30; 20:30
We can arrange for a taxi to meet you at Lefkas bus station to bring you to our base (15 minute drive).

Bus tickets can be purchased here:

Travel to our base from Corfu

Easy Jet ( now fly daily into Corfu from the UK. From Corfu town you can catch the ferry to Igoumenitsa (1.5 hours) where we can arrange for a taxi to meet you to bring you to Lefkas (1.5 hours – approximately euros 130 cost).  Ferry timetable here.

Alternatively there is a bus service from Igoumenitsa down to our base - but times are limited.

Bus timetable is here: run a daily flight service between Corfu and Preveza Airports priced from just Euros 59pp.  Flights are at sensible times, which generally connect with many of the UK flights into Corfu.


You can also hire a car from Igoumenitsa to our base on a one way basis with Europcar (their depot is opposite the ferry terminal in Igoumenitsa).  The rate is approximately euros 90 one way.  You can contact them on:  0030 694 4585911 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other travel options

Whilst flying into Preveza is the preferable option, it may be possible to fly to Kefalonia and then take a taxi from the airport to Fiskardo. From Fiskardo you can catch the ferry to Nidri/Vasiliki, where we can arrange for a taxi to meet you.


Taxi from Kefalonia Airport to Fiskardo

If you are flying into Kefalonia airport (Argostoli) and require a taxi to the north of the island (Fiskardo for example), then we recommend this taxi firm, for their excellent, reliable service:

Tel: 0030 697 338 3856





We can work out pretty much any travel conundrum you throw at us – so do ask if you need advice or are struggling to work it out.

You can arrive at our base at any time of day or night – we will be there to welcome you and get you relaxed!

We can organise hotels, car hire in fact pretty much anything!


Whilst the yachts are fully insured against damage or loss of equipment, it is vital that all those travelling have appropriate personal travel insurance.

This covers such things as cancellation, ill health, loss of personal belongings etc

Topsail Marine Insurance for your holiday insurance requirements, whose policies are tailored for the sailor in mind. 

Please click here for a quote!

If you have any questions regarding this insurance policy, please contact Topsail Marine Insurance direct on (01273) 573727 or by email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.