Nisos Yacht Charter has teamed up with de Blanck Wine & Champagne Bar, Nidri to bring you the very best Greek wines to compliment your Sailing Holiday!

Bob and Anja de Blanck can supply wine at special prices for Nisos clients and ensure that it is on board for you prior to you setting off from base.  They can even arrange your own private wine tasting session on board your yacht or on a local beach for that very special occaisson.


Greek Wine Tasting

Want to make your sailing holiday even more amazing?  Then why not book a private wine tasting session on your own yacht or on a local beach?  The team from de Blanck Wine & Champagne Bar, Nidri will arrange a suitable location and time with you and then host a special private wine tasting session with 6 different wines from prizewinning houses in Greece.  Prices are from Euros 25 pp and include:


 - 6 different wines from prizewinning houses in Greece

 - 1 sparkling, 1 rose, 2 whites and 2 reds served in Riedel wine glasses

 - 0.5 l of water per person

 - nibbles to compliment the wine

 - specialist information about all the wines and Greek wine in general

 - wines for purchase

The tasting session lasts about 90 minutes and costs euros 25 per person (minimum of 8 people), If less than 8 people then there is a minimum charge of euros 200 all together.


Pre-order your Greek wine at great prices!

By placing your order in advance through Nisos Yacht Charter, we will ensure that your chosen wines are onboard your yacht when you arrive.

On Line Shop

Offer 1

1 bottle of seducing sparkling dry rose from Kir Yanni. Perfect alone or with seafood.

1 bottle of local crisp and fruity white from Lefkas Earth Winery.

1 bottle of amazingly smooth red from Monemvasia in the Peloponnese


Only Euros 29 for all 3 bottles!

Wine Offer 1





Offer 2

From one of the most prizewinning and innovative houses in Greece, you get the opportunity to taste top quality wine derived from original Greek grape varieties.

1 bottle of fullbodied and refreshing white.

1 bottle of fruity, dry and aromatic Rose.

1 bottle of astonishingly rich and elegant red wine.


Only Euros 36 for all 3 bottles!

wine offer 2

Booking in advance is vital. Go to the online shop to order your wine: On Line Shop